3802 at Carrog 17th June 2007

Photo Chris Ashley

3802 leaves Llangollen Shed yard for duties on the 6880 Gala event

Picture - Dave Allen

Frames of 3802 under rebuild in Llangollen Shed 8th May 2005

Photo John Rutter

3802 running round at Carrog 15th April 2006

Photo John Rutter

A 38F! 3802 under test in Llangollen Shed Yard using the newly refurbished tender from 44806 as a water supply.

Photo - John Rutter

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3802 at the Patriot Gala, left on the freight at Llangollen, centre at Berwyn and right at Deeside with 44806

Pictures L  & Centre -  Ryan Green; Right Mike Martin

3802 approaching Glyndyfrdwy inner home signal early one morning on the 6880 Gala

Picture Lee Davis

3802 warming up in the shed yard on 28th August 2008.

LH Picture - the “warming fire” in the firebox.

RH Picture - the effect at the chimney.

Steam Locomotives need to be warmed up slowly, hence the small “warming fire” in the centre of the grate. Once the locomotive is warmed through, the fire can be built up ready for work.

Pictures - John Rutter

3802 at Carrog 17th June 2007

Photo Chris Ashley

3802 on shed January 2015

Photo Joseph Wellsteed