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John Rutter

My thanks to everyone for your continued interest & support -

Some time ago, I put a call out for pictures of our locomotives in the days before preservation and as a result received an email from Ted Buckley offering his pictures of our locomotives at Barry Scrapyard. Ted has sent through pictures of 48518 and Willington Hall which have been loaded up on to their specific pages on the Archive Website and pictures of Jinty no 7298 (Now moved to the East Lancs Railway) when in Barry Scrapyard and in the Rainhill 150 cavalcade.

These are superb archive pictures and I am very grateful to Ted for allowing me to load them on to the website.

If anyone else has archive pictures of our locomotives and would be willing to let me upload them, please contact me via the link above.

John Rutter

(Updated 26/1/2013)


Since Ted’s generous offer, several collections of pictures have been handed over to the SAL Management team for recording and archiving. Most of these have been either prints or slides. It is a slow job to scan them all and file the results, so please be patient.




The site counts a ‘new visitor’ each time the Home page is accessed for the first time, then does not count any further visits from the same person for the next 30 minutes. This gives a very good picture of how many individuals are accessing the site.

Fortunately, this website does not need constant surveilance to make sure the commercial aspects are up to date - that is the job of the ‘Main Website’ and no longer my responsibility so, I can concentrate on finding more archive pictures.

I am more than happy to accept archive (and recent) pictures for this website, but please let me have a note (email will do) giving me the copyright owner’s release to use them for LR website and publicity purposes.

Many thanks for all your interest.

John Rutter (Webmaster)

The count for 2017 was 20,071 new visitors, down, fractionally,  on 2016.  The main LR website has now had a complete makeover and looks much better. It also contains information on the Corwen Central Developments, I am in the process of requesting a more direct link to this website as the history of the Corwen Developments and photo galleries are on the Corwen Pages on this site.  

It is very important to keep Corwen Central in the public eye as funding is still required to complete the project by the beginning of 2019, as planned. Progress on the construction of the platforms, access systems, water tower and signal box are steady.

In 2016, 20298 new visitors surfed the site. This was significantly below the 27000 new visitors during 2014.

John Rutter - Webmaster 16th January 2018

3rd February 2018

A Happy New Year to everyone.

Once again I am subject to the vagaries of the BT repair system. We continue to suffer from aluminium cored cables which seem to be fatigue failing with monotonous regularity. I just hope that the last engineer’s visit has cured the problem.

A recent update of Windows 10 seems to have corrupted the current website file, so I have started from the September update and reloaded everything since!  If you notice anything missing, please let me know.

John Rutter

Mail: llanrywebmaster-incomingmail01@yahoo.co.uk