Jessie's first
move under its own steam

Jessie is an 0-6-0 saddle tank built by the Hunslet Engine Co, Leeds in 1937, Works No. 1873. It spent all its working life at Eastmoors steelworks in Cardiff as no. 18 in the fleet. The massive size of its buffer beam indicates how hard it was expected to work as an industrial engine hauling ladle wagons of slag to the sea shore tip, or pushing 100 - 150 ton torpedo wagons of molten iron ore between the blast furnaces and the melting shop. It could pull trains of over 1000 tons on the level.

Withdrawn in 1965, it was presented to the City of Cardiff and put on display in Splott Park near the steelworks. Here it was provided with steps and railings to allow close inspection, but the activities of the vandals covered it in graffiti, and in due course it lost its whistle and dome cover. By 1979 it was in a deteriorating condition and was put up for sale by the Council. A member of the Dean Forest Railway examined the loco and was impressed with its general condition as it had been well prepared for its sojourn outside. He put in a bid and was successful in buying it. As an active member of the Dean Forest Railway, he arranged for the locomotive to be recovered from the park in February 1980, and it was transported to Norchard where he set about dismantling it for overhaul and a return to steam.

The owner moved to Llangollen to work in the loco dept., and restoration of the loco came temporarily to a halt. After some negotiation, the frames and associated parts were delivered to Llangollen in 1998, and the owner proceeded with restoration in his spare time.

The culmination of efforts on the locomotive came on 29th Decmeber 2003, when it moved for the first time under its own steam, just nine days after 6430's first move in steam.

Since then it has been a regular performer on Llangollen Railway trains.

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Left: and above: Jessie at the “Great Gathering” at Crewe Works September 2005

Below: Jessie and train approaching Glyndyfrdwy Station 2006

Photos - John Rutter

Above: Jessie moves for the first time under its own steam on 29th December 2003. (George Jones)

Shed Allocations

Eastmoor Works




Splotts Park, Cardiff


Dean Forest Railway




Principal Dimensions

Wheel arrangement


Nominal tractive effort

22,150 lbs

Maximum train weight

1,185 tons

Weight in working order

46 tons 7 cwt

Wheel diameter


Rigid wheelbase



Two 18" x 26"

Boiler pressure


Fuel capacity

2 tons

Water capacity

1,000 gallons

Valve gear


Jesse passes Pentrefelin Yard with the 1300 ex Llangollen on 10th June 2010

Photo - John Rutter

Left: Jesse approaches Glyndyfrdwy from Carrog; Jesse in Llangollen Shed alongside the frames of Foxcote Manor on 9th March 2010

Photos - John Rutter