Desmond is a small  Avonside 0-4-0 Saddle Tank Locomotive at present under rebuild in Llangollen Locomotive Shed.

Built in 1904, Desmond is the oldest Locomotive at present at Llangollen. It spent all of its working life in South Wales and now belongs to the Vale of Neath Railway

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Saddle Tank, Smokebox Door and Cab, stored in Llangollen Yard 31st May 2008

Photos - Marcia Rogers

Updated 8th February 2015 by  John Rutter

Desmond is named after Desmond Lysaght a member of the Lysaght family that at the time the loco was built in 1904 (& until the firm merged with GKN & thence becoming part of British Steel /Corus ) were the owners of the Lysaght’s Orb Steelworks in Newport built in 1898 (and still a steelworks) where this locomotive worked.

Info from Tony Hill

Desmonds boiler and frames  in the workshops 3rd June 2008

Photos - John Rutter

Desmonds Boiler with foundation ring removed, Llan Shed 16th Feb 2009

Picture - John Rutter

Desmond with newly fabricated cab 16th February 2009

Picture - John Rutter

Desmond’s boiler and frames, separated ready for assessment in Llangollen Yard on 16th April 2008

Photos John Rutter