Above: 80072 in BR days. (Mark Hoofe)

80072 was completed at Brighton in 1953. Running-in turns were completed near Brighton, before it moved to Plaistow to work the suburban services from Fenchurch Street over the London, Tilbury and Southend lines. Electrification displaced 80072 in 1962, being transferred to Swansea East Dock, from where it worked the Central Wales line and services to Pembroke and Camarthen. 1963 saw the engine move to Leamington Spa to work Birmingham suburban services and car transporter trains. After a short stay at Tyseley in 1965, the loco was withdrawn and moved to Barry in January 1966.

It was rescued in 1988, with initial restoration proceeding at Swindon. A group of members purchased the locomotive in 1991, and restoration continued at both Swindon and Llangollen. Amongst other items requiring attention was a buckle in the mainframes, and a new wheelset had to be manufactured as one of the original wheels had been cut through after a derailment at Barry. In 1995 the whole engine moved to Llangollen for the later phases of restoration to start, and the following year it was moved, by now a 2-6-4 once more, to the restoration road in the new shed. The side tanks and bunker were fitted in 1997. The boiler was repaired at Crewe and has been refitted into the frames. The race to complete the loco ready for the Steam, Steel and Stars II gala in April 2009 is now on!

Under restoration
at Llangollen

Above: 80072 under restoration in Llangollen loco shed, taken in June 2000. (George Jones)

restoration view

Above: An alternative view of 80072's overhaul in progress. (David Freeman)

Llangollen Standard 4 Trust

This locomotive has been restored by the Llangollen Standard 4 Project, and the Llangollen Standard 4 Trust is a charitable body set up to support the locomotive.

What is Special About 80072?

Do you want to see 80072 continue to work on the Llangollen Railway?

Do you support the Llangollen Railway in its need for modern efficient steam power?

Do you favour national and Welsh heritage and charitable causes?

Do you want the pleasure of riding behind a large standard tank engine regularly though the beautiful Welsh mountains?

Do you cherish the idea of being involved in the restoration and running of a fine steam locomotive?

If 'yes' is the answer to any of these questions, perhaps you would like to be part of the team supporting the operation of 80072. You can help by becoming a member of the Trust, by making a donation under gift aid, or by completing a deed of covenant. For more details of all of these, the Trust can be contacted at pete.evans80072@btinternet.com


Benefits of Membership

The Llangollen Standard 4 Trust has been set up as a support body to help repair, run, maintain, and enjoy the locomotive 80072. As the Trust expands it intends to:

By joining the Trust, you will:

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80072 in Llangollen Shed Yard

Above - the smokebox door newly fitted in Llangollen Shed

Below - cab fittings installed

Below Left - The firebox stripped for inspection and new parts fitting.

Centre - the old first & second boiler rings

Both pics 13th March 2007 at Crewe - Pete Evans

The rolling chasis awaiting the return of the refurbished boiler, Llangollen Shed 16th April 2008

Picture - John Rutter

A View of the Future?

80136 at Llangollen & Carrog as the visiting locomotive of the Autumn Steam Gala 2007

Photos - Pete Evans

Shed Allocations



November 1953



December 1956

Swansea East Dock


August 1962

Leamington Spa


September 1963



June 1965


July 1965







Principal Dimensions

Wheel arrangement


Power classification


Nominal tractive effort

25,520 lbs


87 tons

Wheel diameters

5'8", 3'0"


Two 18½" x 28"

Boiler pressure


Valve gear


Route Availability


80072 in Llangollen Shed on 9th March 2008 awaiting the boiler

Photo - John Rutter

Probably the saddest photo on this page. Ted Buckley says: This photo was taken on 15th September 1975, and shows 80072 in company with 35022 “Holland-America Line”. The loco looks like a second ‘Project Impossible’ aka 71000, with no motion, no cab, no chimney, and the centre driving wheel sliced off following a derailment on one of the loco’s nocturnal wanderings! 80072 was perhaps predictably, the last of the 14 class members to leave Barry, in July 1988, a full 28 months after 35022.

Photo - Ted Buckley

Above - the pictures everyone has been waiting for!

Left to Right; Steam Test out of the frames at Crewe (2 pics - Pete Evans) and the boiler newly delivered into Llangollen Yard ready for fitting. Pic - George Jones

20th December 2008 - the boiler in place - unfortunately with a slight fitting problem - nothing that can’t be fixed according to the CME.

Pics - John Rutter

Nigel in the smokebox May 2009.

Picture - George Jones

80072 Steams Again

At 2pm  on 7th August 2009, 80072 was standing at the entrance to Pentrefelin yard at the end of its first movement in steam since 1965.

Later it exchanged whistles with 6430 on the return service train working. Two locos both brought back to life at Llangollen.

George Jones

The Locomotive has now been passed into the paint shop to be finish painted in BR Black (JR 28/8/09) to be made ready for the Autumn Steam Gala on 11th, 12th and 13th September 2009

Even though the loco is now operational, the need for fundraising continues to pay for work done and build up the funds for the overhaul in 10 years time (Ten years will go past much more quickly than you can imagine). So please continue to support the locomotive through the Carrog Shop and other fund raising activities. (JR)

If you'd like to help, please get in touch: pete.evans80072@btinternet.com


80072 Operating on Llangollen Railway. 2019 saw the end of it’s first boiler ticket. The locomotive is out of service during 2019 for major overhaul.

Photos - Martin Gill

History (Data Panel at the bottom of the page) 80072

Last Day in Service - 2019

Photo George Jones