4806 was built at Derby in 1944, being completed on 15th July. It was one of an extensive class which eventually numbered 842 examples, later becoming known as the 'Black 5' class. 4806 was allocated to several depots during its life on the LMS and subsequently as 44806 on BR.


44806 at Blandford Forum on 24th May 1961. (Mark Hoofe)

Preservation came in 1968, with the end of steam on British Rail, when enthusiast Ken Aldcroft decided that he wanted to preserve a locomotive. It moved from Lostock Hall on 7th Jan 1969 to Carnforth, later to become 'Steamtown', for a couple of years, having been purchased direct from BR in working order, its last BR duty was as Preston Station pilot. A move on to Accrington came on 3rd April 1970 where it was shedded in the former motive power depot for a year. It was the star attraction at the first open day of the East Lancashire Railway, travelling under its own power to Helmshore and back for the August Bank Holiday open weekend, .


44806 rolls into Carrog with the mid-day Berwyn Belle. (Brian Jones)

44806 moved from Acrington to Haverthwaite on 26th November 1970 behind D7637, two days before the Lakeside Branch connection at Plumpton Junction was lifted. 44806 starred at the opening of the Lakeside Railway in 1973 and in May 1974 was named ‘Magpie’ after the children’s TV programme. In August 1974, whilst working on the LHR, it sustained a crack on the outer firebox, which was, at that time, unrepairable at Lakeside. So, on 9th November, 44806 was taken by road to Ulverston and then tripped to Southport by D339 to join Derek Foster’s 76079, but restoration failed to materialise. Another move, in 1983, was made to the Greater Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, where it was entombed as a static exhibit for ten years.


A 1998 'Santa Special' approaches Deeside Halt with 44806 in charge and Pannier 7754 banking. (Quentin McGuinness)

Following agreement with its owner, 44806 moved to Llangollen on 26th February 1993, enabling work to restart; interestingly it was then reunited with its Steamport shed mates 7298 and 76079. Having never been to Barry, it came as a virtually complete kit of parts, making restoration rather less complicated and expensive than many other engines. The boiler was removed and repaired during 1993, and the motion was found to be in generally very good order. The tender tank was repaired off-site, and a crack in the frames required repair. Reassembly came in late 1994, followed by attention to numerous smaller items. The first lighting up was on 15th September 1995, with trial runs following, and the loco played a major part in the Santa specials that year. Since then it has variously appeared as either 4806 or 44806.

Far Left - 44806 arrives from the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry with a firebox fault

Left - 44806 in Llangollen Railway Goods Shed, when it was used as the loco shed, in the final stages of rebuild during 1993; seen over the frames of Kinlet Hall

Photos John Rutter

At the end of 2003 the ten-year boiler certificate expired, and the locomotive was stored pending a decision on its future. Following initial dismantling for inspection, a cost for rebuilding was developed and agreement to go ahead obtained.

The locomotive was rebuilt and returned to traffic during 2007

Left - 44806 waits in Llangollen Shed for a decision on rebuilding. On the road to the right is Foxcote Manor minus a tender and Jesse in the final stages of rebuilding. Not long after this photo was taken, 44806 was stripped down for inspection.

Stages of the rebuild:

Above Right - Wheels minus badly worn tyres ready to be sent away for new tyres to be fitted.

Above Left - Boiler minus smokebox and tubes in Llangollen Shed

Right - inside the firebox during the fitting of new firebox stays.

Bottom Left - Firebox (on its side) showing the inner and outer fireboxes and the location of the foundation ring.

Bottom Right - the new tender top just fitted.

Above: 44806 was rostered on the Mold Camera Club Charter Freight on 17th June 2000

Photos: John Rutter

Left: As LMS 4806 easing a heavy  freight out of Platform 2 on wet rails (banked by 7754) during the Heavy Freight Weekend in 1998

Photo John Rutter

Right: Leaving Llangollen Yard to pick up the first train of the day on the occasion of Foxcote Manor’s  return to steam after overhaul ,29th Aug 1999.

Photo John Rutter

Below: The Boiler in Llangollen Shed

Photos by Dave Allen and John Vacher all taken on 19th May 2006

Fully assembled motion photographed by Dave Allen on 19th May 2007

1st July 2007

The boiler, steam tested and passed, reassembled in the frames ready for piping up and final completion.

Picture - John Rutter

And a very special visitor!

Sir William Stanier’s Great Great Nephew, also called William, visited Llangollen Railway shed in April to get to understand exactly what his Great Great Uncle had been designing. Needless to say, young William was very impressed and very much looking forward to seeing 44806 operational again.

12th July 2007

The boiler with the chimney fitted in Llangollen Loco Shed.

Picture - Dave Allen

Stanier Black 5 No 44806

back in traffic 14th September 2007

44806 on shed Friday 14th Sept

Photo - George Jones

44806 in the loop at Deeside awaiting the down train, looking resplendent in gloss unlined black livery  as though ex Crewe Works 1967.

Photos - John Rutter

Renaming of Black 5 No 44806 - 23rd September 2007

It was a big day at Llangollen on Sunday 23rd September when the freshly returned to traffic Black 5 44806 was booked to haul a special working for the owner's private party.

Now owned by Ms Renee Wyatt, daughter of Ken Aldcroft, the occasion was marked by the unveiling of a set of name plates cast in traditional LMS style in memory of Kenneth Aldcroft who died in 2003.

The engine was recommissioned back into traffic after Mike Cooke, the owner's agent, made a short speech before invited guests. He reviewed the engine's history since it was built in 1944 and its career in preservation after Ken Aldcroft decided to buy it at Carnforth in 1968.

At Carrog a repeat unveiling performance this time with a Welsh Flag confirmed the Mickey as a 'namer'. The engine ran with 'The Red Rose' head board in honour of the lady who now has the challenge of being the custodian and owner of the engine.

The photos show something of the occasion when 44806 was recommissioned. Members will note that Gordon Heddon is officiating in one of his first engagements as the new Vice-President of the Llangollen Railway Trust and plc.

George Jones  Wrexham

The Team who rebuilt the Black 5

Photos - Dave Allen

Stanier Black 5 No 44806

Steams Again!! 29th August 2007

Up to pressure - last minute checks in Llangollen Shed Yard

All Photos - Eric Keen

Turning the wheels for the first time

Then out of the yard and down the ramp on to the main line

Back in service! Left and centre, 15th September 2008 at Deeside Loop with the demonstration freight train. Right, in Llangollen Yard with sister locomotive no 42968, the Stanier Mogul being prepared for the Spring 2008 “Patriot” Gala

Photo Gallery - 44806 in service, 31st May 2008 on the Mold Camera Club Evening Photo Charter

All Photos by Marcia Rogers

Click Here for a link to the Video of 44806 on the Mold Camera Club Charter Train on a glorious Saturday evening, 31st May 2008

A Repaint for the Autumn Steam Gala 2011

Steph, Simon and Paul take on a marathon job: giving 44806 a new coat of black gloss paint in short order so it is ready for the Autumn Steam Gala 2011. They made it and it joined fellow Black 5 no 45337 double heading on the line.

44806, resplendent in its new coat of black paint and now sporting the ‘cycling lion’ emblem arrives in Glyndyfrdwy Station piloting 80072 during the Autumn Steam Gala 2011, with a very happy Steph on the footplate.

Shed Allocations










Kentish Town









Speke Junction



Lostock Hall






Preserved at Carnforth






Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway


Steamport, Southport


Manchester Museum of Science and Industry




Principal Dimensions

Wheel arrangement


Power classification


Nominal tractive effort

25,450 lbs

Weight (including tender)

126 tons

Driving wheel diameter

6'0", 3'3½"


Two 18½" x 28"

Boiler pressure


Valve gear


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Stanier Class 5MT

Built Derby 1944

In 1961 Berwyn Belle at
Carrog Santa Special 1998