In about 1900, Glyndyfrdwy Station looked like this.

Then the Beeching axe fell, the line closed in 1964 and the track was lifted soon after. The station was demolished, except for the station buildings which became (and still are) a private house. The platforms were levelled and the area grassed over.

Rebuilding began in 1990. The grass was cleared and the original foundations of the platform  found. Work then started to rebuild the platform faces, and the Station began to re-appear.

The level crossing had to be reinstated and this took place over one 48 hour possession of the roadway, after which the road had to reopen for traffic. The picture shows this work in progress.

Photo - John Rutter

The station re-opened in 1992 when it acted as the terminus for the line until Carrog Station was re-connected.

Originally no footbridge was installed, the passengers crossing the line via the pedestrian gates attached to the level crossing. A footbridge was recovered from the realignment and new roadworks at Welshpool Station, repaired and re-erected at Glyndyfrdwy.

Glyndyfrdwy Level Crossing seen from the top of the lower rope incline of the Nant-y-Pandy Tramway which ran into Glyndyfrdwy goods-yard, off the right hand edge of the photograph.

6430 is on the crossing just about to take the single track token from the signalman on its way back to Llangollen.

Glyndyfrdwy Station is to the left of the crossing.

Photo John Rutter

The Jinty brings the LMS Inspection Saloon to Glyndyfrdwy yard during the costruction of the trackwork in July 1991

The Rainhill Trials Re-enactment in September 2002.

Glyndyfrdwy Station on 30th September during the test running days for Novelty (left) and Sans Pareil (above)

Photos - John Rutter



PAUL BAILEY on  01565 733000

The Friends of Glyndyfrdwy  commence work on Barmouth Signal Box to rectify the ravages of time and vandals

Above, left & middle - the new set of steps fitted to the Signal Box

Right - the steps painted Cambrian Railway green.

Below - the Station Running in board and totem lamp post signs repainted into Western Region colours.

All photos - Paul Bailey

Above Left to Right: The Jungle (2 pics) at the west end of the platforms before removal; The platform area before we started; The west end excavated; the platform area looking west; The station building under construction.

All pictures Martin Perry

Above Left to Right: Glyndyfrdwy Station Yard under construction (2 pics); The trackbed to the West of Glyndyfrdwy.

Pictures Martin Perry

 Platform Reconstruction under way

Pictures - John Rutter

The first train into the platforms

Picture Martin Perry


Just an update for members letting you know what's been going on up the valley @ our little station. Those of you who ventured away from the big HQ during the recent Autumn Steam Gala will have seen Glyndyfrdwy as a hive of activity. As the Autocoaches terminated here from Llan they met the Carrog to Glyn Shuttle with the Metropolitan Tank.  

We had organised a Classic Motorbike Rally with the bikes displayed on the Up Platform. Welcome refreshments were provided in our newly kitted out Tea Room complete with new Stove whilst those wishing to enjoy the atmosphere outside were able to use our refurbished picnic tables on the patio & in the picnic area behind Barmouth Signal Box.

This Box has seen considerable work carried out during the past few months with all the broken glazing replaced & new steps fitted. A start has also been made to repaint it in Cambrian colours. A new Barmouth South nameboard was fitted during the Gala to match with 7822, Foxcote Manor, passing here on it's farewell weekend sporting it's Cambrian Coast Express headboard.

Far from being the eyesore that it had become, many photograhers enjoyed the new vantage point now that the Signal Box has been reopened as a viewing area. Visitors will also have noticed the station's return to Western region chocolate & cream with our refurbished & repainted platform seats,running in nameboards,totems & planters.

If any of you out there wish to help the continued refurbishment of Glyndyfrdwy either voluntarily or financially why not join the" Friends ".(Application form on Llan website or send me an e-mail).

Many thanks,

Paul Bailey 

Above, Left to Right: 1) The signpost at the bottom of the Nant y Pandy pathway; 2) Glyndyfrdwy Level Crossing seen from the top of the lower rope incline of the Nant-y-Pandy Tramway which ran into Glyndyfrdwy goods-yard, off the right hand edge of the photograph. 6430 is on the crossing just about to take the single track token from the signalman on its way back to Llangollen. Glyndyfrdwy Station is to the left of the crossing; 3) The Metro Tank leaving the station to return to Llangollen. In the field can be seen all that remains of the tramway interchange wharf; 4) The village from above with the station bridge just visible; 5) Autumn colours developing in the Dee Valley; 6) the view to the north over the eastern end of the village. The Church is on the side of the main A5 road.

Photos John Rutter

Barmouth signal box was rescued from its position on the sea wall and re-erected on a site at the western end of the station where, it is hoped in the future, to create a signalling exhibition.

Photos - John Rutter

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Diesel Gala 27th July 2005

76079 leaves Glyndyfrdwy  1994

A New Organisation; The Friends of Glyndyfrdwy; has been formed to look after the station, signal boxes and facilities. This organisation has already significantly improved the appearance of the station and has plans to improve the facilities further.

If you would like to know more about, or join this organisation please CLICK HERE for a downloadable PDF application form.

Link to Google Maps for  a Satellite Picture of Glyndyfrdwy Station

All the pictures below were taken during the Autumn Steam Gala 2008

Left: Members of the Friends of Glyndyfrdwy manning the Cafe during the Gala

Left: the LR:TV crew filming the Gala and the Motor Bikes at Glyndyfrdwy Station

Left: the Motorbike displays during the Gala

Above, Left to Right: 1) The 44422 leaving platform 2; 2) The Metro Tank at the east end yard throat running round the Carrog shuttle train; 3) The N7 Tank heading for Llangollen; 4) Foxcote Manor leaving for Corwen - it was 7822s last day in service before major overhaul; 5) The Metro Tank approaching the station taken from the Barmouth Signal Box which has been extensively repaired and improved by the “Friends”

Oh Look - No Footbridge!

The footbridge has been removed due to corrosion. It is set aside by the signal box awaiting assessment and further decisions. Meanwhile, the new owner of the Glyndyfrdwy Station House (now a holiday let) has kindly agreed to the widening of the platform so that the pedestrial part of the road crossing can be used again.

Photos George Jones