The first four pictures are reproduced from the Original Website

Two views of 4277, in Llangollen Station and at Goods Junction

The Jinty in its original guise as 47298 leaving Carrog

5224 pilots 3802 into Carrog on the 6880 Gala Event and Foxcote Manor rounds the curve inti Glyndyfrdwy on the same event in 2007

Pictures Dave Allen

44806 approaching Carrog during the 6880 Gala Event

Photo George Jones

Above, Left : The ex ICI 5 plank wagon, rescued when the Railway Recovered the first group of sidings from the Runcorn Site, in the C&W shop at Pentrefelyn about to become “Rickerty”.

Middle: “Rickerty” outshopped, 22nd Feb 2005, but still minus it’s roof.

Above: The “Fruit D” van newly refurbished in the C&W Shop on 30th Jan 2005

Pictures John Rutter

Above Left: 7754 enthusiastically banks 44806 out of Llangollen Station with a Heavy Freight on frosted rails on the Heavy Freight Weekend in 1998

Above Right: 80136 eases a freight out of Llangollen Station platform 2, banked by 5199 at the Autumn Steam Gala on 15th September 2007

Pictures John Rutter