The temporary closure between Glyndyfrdwy and Carrog, due to a tree being washed out of the side of the trackbed, by Fisherman’s crossing was lifted 14th/15th July 2007 following repairs carried out by the railway’s own personnel.

Left: Tree down

Right:  damage to trackbed

All  Photos - Martin Perry and Gareth Evans

The Problem

The Solution

Large Stones at the bottom

Followed by smaller stones on the top

Until the embankment looks like new.

Then the mesh layer, then the plants to hold it all together


Bryan Johnson, a young member of the Flint & Deeside RPS has released his slide archive to the Steam at Llangollen Team. The collection covers the early days of the F&D through to early operation at Llangollen by  Llangollen Railway.

Our sincere thanks to Bryan for allowing us to use his photo archive.

The picture above was taken on 13th September 1975 after Austin 1 had been delivered to the embryo railway in Llangollen Station.

It’s only when you look at this picture that you realise just how far we have come, and most of it by volunteers

5643 Landcruise 28th June 2008

For the first time in 15 years the Mid Summer Land Cruise at Llangollen was marred by rain when 5643 took the 19.00 departure down the line to Carrog.

The occasion as used by the Wirral Railway Circle to mark the association's 40th anniversary and an updated version of their famous head board was displayed on 5643.

Thanks from the sponsor LR (GW) LG, restorers of 5532 for all the support in running this train and making a contribution to the costs of preserving an old engine.

Next year with BR Standard Tank 80072, we hope!

Tommy Walton Retires 28th June 2008

When that stalwart of the loco dept, driver, fireman and man of mechanical parts, Tommy Walton finally called it a day his mates had a whip round and bought him a retirement present - a garden fork minus one prong! Clearly a vintage item.

Fortunately the disappointment evaporated when the real present appeared displayed on Black 5 44806 wearing the name plate SCOTS GUARDSMAN.

He got a Thomas cake as well and there were flowers for the missus.

Tommy will be back as a volunteer and you'll still see him on the footplate at Llangollen for a while longer.

George Jones  Wrexham

Towards the end of Steam in 1968, 44806 was transferred for a while to Speke Shed, Liverpool  and was driven by the regular Speke Drivers. Now that 44806 is operational again, the drivers came to re-acquaint themselves with the footplate of a Stanier Black 5, and hopefully, have a go on the regulator again.