The Special Guest at the May 2008 DMU Gala was “Iris”  one of only two single cars built in 1954 at Derby to an original lightweight design and currently the oldest operational first-generation unit in the UK.
An invitation went out to anyone called Iris in the local area to come along and have a ride in their namesake.


Pictured are Iris Miller from Rhuddlan, Iris Burgoyme from Llangollen, Llangollen Railway ‘s Evan-Green Hughes, Iris Rogen from Wrexham, and Iris Philbey from Oswestry

All the resident Llangollen Railway Diesel Multiple Units were working during the Gala, sometime alone and sometimes together depending on the requirements of the timetable. The Autotrain was also operation as a comparison with later multiple units. The autotrain consisted of Autocoach no 167 and Autocoach no 163 with Saddle Tank Locomotive No 6430 in the middle.

All Photos - George Jones