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Deeside Halt did not exist under BR. It was built as, up until 1992, Deeside was the end of the running line and a platform was required for passengers to be able to watch the locomotive running round the train.

Since the extension of the line further to the west, the Halt has become a “Request Stop” . Please make sure the Guard knows that you wish to get off there.

On days of two train running, where the loop is used for passing trains, only the  train train travelling “down” (westerly) can be boarded, the eastbound trains use the loop line away from the platform.

This will require additional planning when intending to use this Halt.

Above, construction of the platform at Deeside Halt in the snow during 1990

Pictures Martin Perry

Above: Jacking and packing the track by “Tanner’s Leap” in the snow of 1990.

Picture Martin Perry

Brushwood Cutting at Deeside Loop on Sunday 8th March 2009

The purpose was to clear the sightlines from Deeside Signal Box towards the west so the signalman can see the train approaching from further away around the curve

Left: clearing the brushwood so the view behind the wagons is clear.

Right: what the signalman will now be able to see

Above: the gang working their way along the tracksides clearing brushwood as they go.

Left: An illustration of copicing. This tree stump was just to the left of the pictures above.

This tree was probably first cut not long after the railway was built.  It has steadily been cut from then onwards each time new growth affected the railway. The new growth from last season shows as the long, thin, bright-green stems shooting from the old and new cut stumps.

Deeside Halt 19th May 2007

Left: 5199 passing the GWR “Pagoda” Station building, Right The signal box, platform and Station building

Pictures - Dave Allen

6430 approaching Deeside Halt Feb 2004

Picture - John Rutter