The Dee Bridge

Carrying the Railway from the north to the south bank of the River Dee at Pentrefelyn, about a mile west of Llangollen Station.

The Bridge has a temporary 10 mph speed restriction until maintenance is complete. Maintenance to repair water scour to one of the piers has been completed.

Dee Bridge from Pentrefelyn Yard 25th November 2007

Photo - John Rutter

The Diving Team preparing to work on the Dee Bridge 29th November 2007

Photos - Martin Perry


Photos - Martin Perry

The divers repaired the scouring discovered under the footing of the North pier of the Dee Bridge, caused by the river washing gravel etc against the pier and partly undermining the footings over a long period of time. The  damage was discovered during a routine inspection. During this work the Railway worked closely with the Environment authorities due to the river being designated a 'Special Area of Conservation'.

(The consultant civil engineers had advised that the damage was not liable to cause problems in its present state but it was advisable to carry out repairs to prevent further deterioration)

Initial work was to drill the bedrock to allow the fixing of rock bolts to secure rock 'gabions' (Metal cages filled with rock) to protect the pier after the repairs are complete. The scouring was rectified by fixing shuttering, then pressure filling with concrete followed by installation of the gabions.

The Railway Bridge over the River Dee has been the subject of intensive maintenance to the piers which sit in the water. Water scour to the bedrock beneath the piers has been fully repaired by filling with concrete.

A 10mph speed limit over the bridge remains as pointing to some of the stonework remains to be done.