Pictures - Above Left - the LNWR railway bridge on the Corwen to Ruthin Line, demolished long ago

 Photo - Ray Davis Collection

Above Right - All that remains of Bonwm Halt                                                                     Photo John Rutter

The Trackbed alongside the A5 beyond Carrog before work commenced - this was originally a cutting

Photo - John Rutter

Excavation commences: the cutting back down to track level

Photo - Neil Evans

The Railhead beyond Carrog on the way to Corwen

 Photo John Rutter

The trusty HIAB wagon on the trackbed. Used for transporting and laying sleepers

Photo - John Rutter

Carrog west fixed distant signal in place - no rails yet though!

Photo - John Rutter

A Panorama of the track embankment as it passes through the East End of Corwen Town. The new station will be in the trees to the Left Centre of the picture

Photo taken and processed by John Rutter

Bridge 28A, Left to Right; The view towards Llangollen and a detail of the arch; the change after the brushwood had been cleared for surveying on 28/1/2008

Brushwood clearance 28th Jan 2008 through on to the embankment.

The wide part of the trackbed where the LNWR Denbigh branch joined the GWR line.

Link to Corwen New Station Website How can you help? We’re there! Phase One platform at Dwyrain Corwen East is operational  and from 2015 scheduled trains will operate into the platform.  There is no run-around loop. Phase Two remains to be constructed Corwen Central Station is being built where the LNWR line from Ruthin joined the GWR line from Llangollen. About 300 yards west of Dwyrain Corwen East.

Left - 45337 at Dwyrain Corwen East

Above - the booking office

Above Right - Caer Drewen from the railhead

Above Left: The railhead and the Berwyn Mountains to the south.