Sunday 4 November 2007 was the end of an era at Carrog station. Jeanette in the cafe, which she has run for the past 11 years since the line reopened in 1996, has stepped out into retirement.

To mark the occasion Carrog regulars gathered at 2pm on when a presentation was made to Jeanette in recognition of all the hours she has put in serving the public, the volunteers and the visitors who have made use of the station facilities. The many cards received from well wishers offered their best wishes for Jeanette's retirement and showed their appreciation of the cafe facilities and the service which has been provided by Jeanette and her band of helpers.

Photos attached show the retirement gift of a garden feature of assorted plants and the cutting of the large cake which followed.

The cafe at Carrog has become well known both to the train travellers and the passing road traffic as a good place to stop a while in the middle of next-to-no-where; a delightful spot to which trains still run in time honoured fashion.

Since 1996 Carrog station has become known nationally, and even internationally, as a location where time stands still or perhaps has even gone backwards for a while.

I am sure we all look forward to the new staffing arrangements continuing the provision of refreshments at the end of the line.

Our thanks to both Martin and Jeanette for their forbearance with all that living on site brings. I am sure we all offer them both our best wishes for the future.

Words - George Jones

End of an Era at Carrog

Pictures: Top - Panorama of the Last Transport Extravaganza to be held at Carrog Station

Above - L: Carrog Bridge over the River Dee and R: 3802 reverses round its train 15th April 2006

Below: Platform 2 building under construction

Detail of the Station Lamps

Preparing the Down Starter Signal for erection

photos - John Rutter

Janet  Fox - the new manager of the Cafe at Carrog

Picture - John Rutter

The big tidy up commences. Moving the rail stock from Carrog Yard to the railhead on 28th February 2009.

Photos - Huw Parker

Big tidy up at carrog 28th feb

Panorama of Carrog Station from the ramp down to Platform 2

Photo - John Rutter