23/08/2002: Restoration Part seven Restoration completed.

07/05/2002: Restoration Part six Platform extension underway and trains running.

16/03/2002: Restoration Part five Track reinstated and ready for ballasting; structural and cosmetic repairs underway.

23/02/2002: Restoration Part four Waterproofing complete and structure backfilled to ballast level ready for track reinstatement.

12/02/2002: Restoration part three. Arch saddles cast and drainage installed.

05/02/2002: Restoration part two. Scaffolding underway and repairs to arches started.

19/01/2002: Restoration part one. Excavation work is complete.

Berwyn Viaduct has supported trains for 136 years since the opening of the Llangollen and Corwen Railway on 8th May 1865, but now needs your support to continue carrying them into the future. Extensive repairs and renovation have been completed to ensure that it continues to carry the Llangollen Railway's trains next year and into the future.

Water penetration of the final arch meant that there was a real possibility of a weight restriction being imposed on trains using the line. The waterproof membrane beneath the trackbed needed to be replaced, stitching was required to the sides, and damaged masonry needed repairs.

The Llangollen Railway's Civil Engineer, Steve Jones, devised the concept for the renovation works. His 'day job' as a civil engineer for Railtrack North West has provided the necessary experience and expertise to design and manage the project. The detailed design work was carried out by David Symonds Associates, who are also undertaking day-to-day supervision. The main contractor was George Law Ltd of Kidderminster.

The problems have been pictorially documented to show what was required.

The Llangollen Railway Trust Ltd has been promised some grant aid towards some aspects of the project, but the whole job cost £399,000.

If you would like to see trains continue to run at this delightful location, or to take photographs, or to ride along the line, or you're a volunteer and want to continue operating the line, we need your help to raise our share of the cost.

The Viaduct Appeal - How You Can Help

With a regular payment

Please consider whether you could covenant just £2 a week (that's around a pint a week) for the next five years. The Trust can reclaim any income tax you have paid on your contributions; this costs you nothing extra. To take part in this scheme, please complete and return the deed of covenant and standing order forms, filling in the equivalent yearly and monthly amounts where shown.

With a one-off donation

Alternatively, please consider making a one-off donation. Any donation is welcome, and if you pay income tax, we can recover the tax which you have paid. To help in this way, please complete and return the donation form with your donation.

Every contribution counts, no matter how small. Thank you.


Berwyn Viaduct

Berwyn Viaduct after refurbishment complete with the new platform extension.

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The Berwyn Viaduct repair was essential to the continued operation of the railway. The project was conceived, managed and funded by the railway and brought in on time and on budget. It received an award from the Institution of Civil Engineers.