BLACK AND WHITE PHOTO GALLERY Most of the pictures in this gallery will be of past events taken whilst the magazine “Steam at Llangollen” was printed in black and white.

LMS Jinty No 7298 and Black 5 No 44806, then in non-running condition, in Llangollen Station in 1993

Jinty No 7298 and Fowler Class 4F no 44422 at Glyndyfrdwy

4566 at Llangollen Station 20th October 1991

46443 at Deeside Loop

Austin 1 as Burtonwood Brewer in Llangollen Shed Yard

Flying Scotsman in Llangollen Station as a static Exhibit in 1993

All pictures - so far - by John Rutter

Austin 1 as Burtonwood Brewer runs round at Llangollen, Cogan Hall in the Bay Platform

Jinty 7298 brings the Inspection Coach to Glyndyfrdwy during construction of the station yard

The volunteers on the Deeside Loop Extension. December 1990 after the ‘Golden Fishplate’ had been bolted in

Building Glyndyfrdwy Station, 1991.

Building the new Loco Shed

Four pictures above - ballasting ready for the visit of Flying Scotsman and the Tamper aligning and levelling the track on the new ballast.

Laying the Glyndyfrdwy Station west end loop points 1991

44806 first rebuild at LR taken across the frames of Kinlet Hall in the old Goods Shed when it was the workshop.

7754 under test after being rebuild for the first time from Barry Scrap

December 1990; 7828 Odney Manor takes the first train through Berwyn Tunnel to Deeside Loop since the closure of the railway in 1964.

7822, Foxcote Manor crosses the lane at Glyndyfrdwy during the first ‘Transport Extravaganza’